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What is the DOV?

The Division of Victimology (DOV) is the newest division within the American Society of Criminology (ASC), and as with the other divisions of ASC, the DOV was developed with a specific purpose in mind.  The DOV was created to bring together Victimologists, and those whose research and/or daily work focuses on victimization, in an effort to help the field of victimology to continue to evolve and to bring continued attention to the of issue of victimization.        

Mission Statement

The mission of the Division of Victimology is to promote the professional growth and development of its members through scholarship, pedagogy, and practices associated with the field of Victimology. The Division of Victimology strives to ensure that its members will 1) contribute to the evolution of the Victimology discipline by supporting and disseminating cutting edge research, 2) develop and share pedagogical resources, 3) support professional enhancement workshops and activities, 4) embrace the development of evidence-informed programs and services, 5) advance victims’ rights, and 6) encourage the advancement of the intersection of scholarship and practices.


Constitution and Bylaws